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More Mold than Expected

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Water turned into Mold in Commercial Building

Commercial losses whether they are fire, water, or mold can stress out business owners because they think they will need to shut everything down during the reme... READ MORE

Ceiling Removed Due to Water Damage in Texas

In the first photo you can see a piece of debris protruding from the ceiling surrounded by some water damage. In the after photo you can see all the ceiling dry... READ MORE

Storm Damage in El Paso

Something as simple as a non-secured stairwell can cause an entire office to flood during a storm. It is imperative to make sure there are no areas in your busi... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot Removal in West El Paso Home

Fire damage at this West El Paso home produced extensive smoke and fire damage requiring several disciplines to be applied for remediation. The property owner ... READ MORE

Flooring Removed Due to Water Damage in West El Paso

A storm or water loss can leave your property damaged, and our team can help. Our fast response will help prevent secondary damage and help reduce your restorat... READ MORE

Living Room Before and After Water Loss

Once you call SERVPRO of West El Paso you can be sure your property is in good hands. Our representative will be your first point of contact and ask several que... READ MORE

Toilet Water Line Caused Water Loss in West El Paso Home

Water damage occurred at this West El Paso home causing a lot of damage to the bathroom and other areas of the home. When the homeowner discovered the water dam... READ MORE

Fire Damage in West El Paso

Your West El Paso home can be restored by our experts after a fire has caused significant damage. A fire can occur at any time, and we are standing by 24/7 to a... READ MORE

Removing Drywall after Major Water Damage in West El Paso

What sets SERVPRO of West El Paso apart is the fact that we do demolition, restoration, and we can complete reconstruction. We understand how stressful it can b... READ MORE