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Dealing With a Grease Fire in El Paso

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

No one plans to have a grease fire in the kitchen, but it can happen in an instant and you should always be prepared. If a fire breaks out on the stove in your home in El Paso, TX here are some steps to help minimize the damage.

1. Contain the Flames.

A metal lid or cookie sheet is a great tool for suffocating a fire. Covering the fire with cut-off oxygen that is fueling the fire. 

2. Turn off Heat.

The faster you can get the burner cool, the better. If you can safely get to the knob on the stove to turn it off, do it!

3. Smother the Fire.

If the fire is small, use baking soda or salt to put out the flames. If you take one thing from this, you should NEVER pour water onto a grease fire, it will make it worse!

4. Recognize Limits.

If the fire is still going strong after the first three steps, call emergency services as you start your emergency exit plan.

5. Repair Damage.

No matter how small the fire is, it likely left some damage behind. Fire restoration specialists can assess the damage and restore your kitchen and any affected surrounding area to be like new again. Let them take the lead on the fire cleanup.

Mold Maintenance Standards - SERVPRO of West El Paso

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Mold spores are a natural occurrence present just about everywhere — including your El Paso, TX business. When exposed to moisture these microscopic particles can quickly grow into a large threat, leaving your business at risk for many issues. Federal organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration do not set any mold standards, but that doesn’t mean mold cleanup isn’t an aggressive process. Here are three steps to keep in mind when dealing with mold.

1. Water Damage

Mold spores become an issue when exposed to moisture and allowed to grow into colonies. Regularly check for any threat of water damage in your business, including leaking pipes or drafty windows. Furthermore, maintain appropriate levels of humidity within the building to limit moisture levels in the air. 

2. Check Building Materials

To alleviate the uncertainty of mold standards, ensure building standards are up to code. Proper insulation installed around windows, piping, and exterior walls minimize a buildup of condensation, keeping mold at bay. Verify that your business is well-ventilated and regularly check porous materials such as drywall, ceiling tiles, and wood for any signs of mold damage.

3. Contact Us!

Time is of the essence when it comes to mold infestation; an IICRC certified company will have the training and professional equipment to safely and effectively mediate the mold damage in your business in a time-sensitive manner. 

Your Generator Maintenance Guide | SERVPRO of West El Paso

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

With the crazy weather patterns in El Paso the past year, it is important to be prepared in the event of another disaster. We recommend having a generator handy in the event the storm impacts last days on end. In order to ensure your generator is functioning properly take these maintenance tips into consideration. 

The typical life expectancy for a generator is between 20,000 and 30,000 hours, serving a crucial role while waiting for a storm restoration company to come to your business. 

You are going to need to perform small maintenance tasks every week. These include:

  • Running the engine
  • Checking for alarms or warnings
  • Ensuring adequate fuel levels for an emergency
  • Setting the engine to auto mode
  • Checking that the circuit breaker is closed
  • Ensuring there are no leaks

On a monthly basis, you will need to spend more time checking fluid levels, such as the coolant and oil. You should also check the battery to ensure you are ready for a disaster.

You are going to want to check the thermal protection levels every six months. At the same time, inspect the drive belts to ensure they have the proper tension and are in good condition.

A certified technician will need to come out every year and perform crucial tasks, such as changing the engine oil, fuel filter, air filter, and spark plugs. If any extra maintenance is needed, like a coolant system flush, your technician will perform these items at your annual service. 

Taking precautions like this can have many benefits for your home or business. The primary one is that you put off replacing your equipment longer. If you are looking to push the maximum number of hours and avoid generator problems, you need to consider required preventative maintenance.

For any storm related damage, call the storm professionals at (915) 234-2614.

Did Your Ceiling Collapse During a Storm?

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

With the changing weather patterns in West El Paso, more and more natural disasters are taking place. Whether it is another Texas Freeze, or a rain storm, you should know how to handle if your ceiling collapses. 

An incident like this is absolutely devastating but SERVPRO of West El Paso is here to see you through to the other side.

Safety is most important when a ceiling collapses. Remove your family and pets as far away from the collapse as possible.

No matter when disaster hits, SERVPRO of West El Paso is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year.  Rain or shine, big or small -- we are here to help make your loss "Like it never even happened."

How To Make Commercial Carpets Last Longer

11/8/2021 (Permalink)

Although most commercial carpets are made for durability, dirt and debris will still build up over time in them because of all the foot-traffic. Maintaining regular cleaning will be beneficial to your carpet because once a carpet gets too soiled, it may never be restored to its original appearance. 

Preventative maintenance actions include: 

  • Regular vacuuming
  • Spot removal
  • Pilating the carpet to prevent matting
  • Moving furniture to change traffic patterns
  • Using walk-off mats to limit the amount of soil tracked onto the carpet

Even when you follow preventive maintenance actions, carpets will still have dirt trapped below the surface that you cannot see with the eye, especially in dark carpets. Carpets act as a filter trapping gasses, hair, dirt, and dust. Did you know that 79% of soil in carpets is dry soil? To reduce that percentage, you should get your company's carpet professionally cleaned once a year. Protect your company's investment by having it cleaned by SERVPRO of West El Paso!

Because each carpet is different, we offer a number of options to keep your carpet and upholstery brand new. Our cleaning methods include:

  • Bonnet Cleaning: A less aggressive method for short piled carpets.
  • Hot Water Extraction: A deeper cleaning method for all carpet types.
  • Deluxe Precondition and Rinse: Helps restore deeply soiled areas.
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning: The most thorough cleaning method in the industry.
  • Dry Cleaning: When color-fastness is an issue.

For a cleaning from SERVPRO® of West El Paso that is backed by state-of-the-art equipment and technicians trained to the highest standards, call us today to schedule an appointment. 

Defective Sink Plumbing Could Mean Water Damage to Your El Paso Home

11/8/2021 (Permalink)

Sinks are a vital part of any functioning kitchen in a West El Paso home. While you might go to great lengths to ensure that you are taking care of all the pieces and parts that bring water into your faucets or carry the wastewater back out again, often, it is not enough. When any of these components malfunction, the result could be a damaging amount of water headed through your kitchen very quickly.

This kind of water damage to your West El Paso home is unpredictable in many ways. Since there are so many pieces that make up a sink in your kitchen, it can be difficult amid an emergency to identify the source of the problem. Knowing where the problem started gets exponentially more difficult if you have multiple basins for your kitchen sink design. While you are going to get wet, you can do a few things to ensure that the problem does not spread or get worse in the affected area.

Water Removal Services

You must act quickly to get the water shut off, you have to get yourself underneath the sink and get a look at the piping. Quickly scan the entire assembly for any noticeable fractures or separations, but that is not why you are down there. What you are searching for is a valve that feeds up from the floor into the cabinetry that supplies the faucet with water.

On this pipe, you should notice a valve. It usually has a yellow handle and can be turned 90 degrees to cut the water supply to the sink. After a few moments from turning this valve, you should notice the water slowing and then stop altogether. 

Sometimes there is little to no warning of an impending break to your plumbing for your sink, but its proximity to all your major appliances requires you to move quickly to remove the water and restore any damages. Our SERVPRO of West El Paso team is equipped with the tools and experience to help you through all phases of this crisis until the problem gets fixed. Give us a call anytime at (915) 234-2614.

Ten Reasons To Choose SERVPRO of West El Paso

11/4/2021 (Permalink)

When you have a residential loss or a commercial loss, SERVPRO of West El Paso is your best choice to help. We specialize in large and small losses so no matter what we can be there for you, your family, or your company. Below are 10 reasons why we are the best local choice for your needs.

  1. 24/7/365: SERVPRO knows disaster doesn't wait. We are available days, evenings, holidays, and weekends.
  2. Communication: SERVPRO will keep you and your insurance informed on the status of your project.
  3. Reduce Recovery Time: SERVPRO's main goal is to not cause interruption. We will work tirelessly to ensure you are back in your home or office ASAP. 
  4. Lower Recovery Cost: SERVPRO will help you save money and works directly with your insurance.
  5. Emergency Ready Profile: SERVPRO offers an ERP that can help you plan for disaster before it happens.
  6. Full Line of Service: SERVPRO will help to solve your cleanup needs. We offer a variety of services.
  7. A Leader in Storm Response: SERVPRO will help when you need it the most. Remember the 24/7/365?
  8. Over 50 years of business We've been around for quite some time, so we've seen a few things or two.
  9. More than 1,700 locations SERVPRO has the power for those larger jobs.
  10. Experience and training in mitigation damages ranging from a single-family home to skyscrapers.

Call the professionals at SERVPRO of West El Paso

Fire Safety Means Accident Prevention | SERVPRO of West El Paso

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

According to the National Fire Protection Association 

  • More than one-quarter (26%) of reported fires in 2015-2019 occurred in homes. 
  • During this five-year period, US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 346,800 home structure fires per year. 
  • Most home fires and fire casualties result from five causes: cooking, heating, electrical distribution and lighting equipment, intentional fire setting, and smoking materials.

With that being said, fortunately, there are things you can do to protect your home, and your loved ones, from the danger of fire. It’s important to educate everyone in the home about fire safety.

Here are some tips to keep everyone in your home safe:

1. Educate Children

Always keep matches, lighters and flammable objects away from children and teach them about the dangers of “playing” with such items. Talking about fire safety is crucial to prevention.

2. Check Your HVAC

Any type of heating within the home needs to be checked regularly, whether it’s a gas-fueled furnace or a kerosene heater. Fireplaces should be cleaned often, including the chimney. Electric floor heaters should have cords in perfect condition and should be kept away from curtains and thick carpeting. Never leave a kerosene heater or gas lamp going during the night.

3. Outlets

Don’t neglect electrical outlets or allow them to become overloaded. If your home is older than ten years, it’s a good idea to have the electric wiring checked by a professional. Never place cords or surge protectors under rugs or furniture.

4. Smoke Alarms

Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors every six months to ensure the batteries are in good working order. Make sure there is an alarm in every bedroom and in the kitchen and any garage space, along with fire extinguishers.

5. Cooking

Never leave stovetop items unattended, especially if you have a gas range with an open flame. Turn the handles of pots and pans away from the walkway so that they can’t be accidentally knocked off the stove. Keep the stove clean at all times and de-grease often.

6. Plan Accordingly

It’s crucial to have a plan on what to do in case of emergency and share it with your family, making sure everyone knows the safest way to escape in the event of a fire, where to meet if the family is separated, and who to call. 

Remember, even small fires can leave large messes behind. If you are dealing with smoke, fire, or soot damage, call the professionals at SERVPRO of West El Paso!

How Fire Damage Can Cause Water Damage | SERVPRO of West El Paso

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

When a fire occurs, many are concerned with the potential of catastrophic fire damage. But did you know that water damage can occur as a result of fire damage?

  • Fire damages the integrity of a building's electrical system, resulting in leaks or ruptured pipes. 
  • A fire will remove most or all insulation from walls which in turn causes condensation on interior surfaces like windows and ceilings. Condensation on windows and ceilings may drip down onto furniture and floors.
  • Firefighting efforts can cause water damage to a structure during the firefighting process. Even if fire sprinkler systems are working correctly, they are designed to extinguish a fire - not to prevent water from entering your home.

At SERVPRO of West El Paso, we work diligently to help prevent water damage and to respond quickly when it occurs. We offer premier water damage fire cleanup and fire restoration services in the region. Contact SERVPRO of West El Paso today to learn more. Servicing all of West El Paso!

How SERVPRO Can Help Landlords with Tenant Changes

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

Time can go by in the blink of an eye, particularly when it comes to preparing a recently rented space for the next tenant.

Apartment building managers: your days of desperate calls and getting on your own hands and knees to scrub the crevices of vacated apartments are over. SERVPRO® of West El Paso is ready for your next moment of need.

SERVPRO® is well known for our large-scale services, including repair and restoration of property damaged by fire, water, mold, and natural disasters. We're also El Paso's top choice in professional cleaning for office spaces and commercial facilities. However, we're about more than large-scale services. Our services are just as useful for the single bedroom apartment as they are for the big box warehouse.

No matter the state the former tenant has left the apartment, we've got the supplies and services needed to get the job done. For carpet and upholstery, SERVPRO® of West El Paso can remove unwanted dirt and dust that hide far below the surface using state-of-the-art equipment. When it comes to making an apartment like new, deodorization is key. We have the experience and knowledge to identify the source of unwanted odors and use the proper, fast-acting products that will eliminate them fast! We also get to those hard-to-reach places, like air ducts with dirt buildup. We can clean and restore your air ducts and HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality and ensure that heating and cooling systems function properly.

As a locally owned and operated business, we have the customer service and experience needed to make an apartment space like new. We also have the equipment, network, and training to do the job faster than any other cleaning service in El Paso and surrounding areas. At SERVPRO® of West El Paso, we are faster to any disaster.

Did a recent tenant leave one of your apartments in poor condition? Or simply expecting a resident to move soon? SERVPRO® of West El Paso  offers the fast service and experience you need to get the job done. Not sure where to start? Call us with your questions at 915.234.2614.